Palo Verde Tree Care

Palo Verde Trees iStock_000007011267_Large is the State Tree of Arizona, and come in two species – the yellow or little leaf and the blue Palo Verde. The name refers to the green trunk of the tree, which allows it to photosynthesize through the bark. In general, these trees mature at heights of 30 – feet.

At Leon’s, we are experts in caring for the Palo Verde Tree. Established plants need water about one to two trees, and need full sunlight to ensure they don’t become weak. Pest issues that occur with the Palo Verde are the palo verde beetle and mistletoe.

Leon’s Tree Service Provides:

  • Pruning
  • Watering
  • Branch cutting
  • Removal
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Balancing
  • Trimming
  • Tree evaluations

Because Palo Verdes grow so vigorously and spread widely, these trees need to be pruned a minimum of once a year. Let Leon’s Tree Service take care of all your pruning needs. We know the best time to care for the tree to ensure healthy growing and prevent disease.

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